The VT DevCom maintains several community-driven projects to help in various aspects of development, operations, or cloud management.

Terraform Modules

To help teams create and manage their AWS accounts following best practices, several modules are being maintained by DevCom. They include the following:

  • VT Globals - a module that defines various static variables to be consumed by other modules (such as CIDR blocks for VT networks)
  • AWS Common Tags - a module that helps define recommended common tags to be assigned on all VT resources
  • AWS VT Auth Integration - a module that configures an AWS account to support user login leveraging VT authentication
  • AWS GitLab Runner - a module that launches an auto-scaling GitLab runner to support GitLab CI/CD
  • AWS S3 CloudFront Site - a module that makes it easy to host a static site leveraging S3 and CloudFront
  • AWS SSH Bastion - a module that creates an SSH bastion and is configured to allow connections only from VT addresses

Other Projects